This non-fungible token is planned for people beyond 18 years old or the lawful age of your purview; whichever is more noteworthy.

The SolPanda is an collection of Solana NFT tokens running on the Solana blockchain network. This site is an interface permitting members to buy computerized collectibles. Clients are completely answerable for the security and the executives of their own private Solana wallets.

Clients should approve all exchanges and agreements produced by this site before endorsement. The SolPanda brilliant agreement runs on the Solana blockchain network; There is no capacity to fix, switch, or reestablish any exchanges. This site and its associated administrations are given "with no guarantees" and "as accessible" without a guarantee of any sort. By utilizing this site you are tolerating sole liability regarding all exchanges including our collectibles.

The proprietors of the 8,888 unique SolPanda have restrictive individual and business rights connected to their non-fungible tokens. However long you own the non-fungible token, you can allot these rights and do whatever you please with them. You make a deal to avoid utilizing your SolPanda in any undertaking or subsidiary work that includes disdain discourse, bigotry, erotic entertainment, or some other illicit substance.

Non-fungible tokens are not a investment. The SolPanda are only collectibles on the Solana blockchain network and ought to be treated thusly. While we desire to proceed with our task, develop this local area, and add utility; We don't ensure future turns of events. You, the proprietor, concur that you buy our non-fungible token as similarly as a collectible.

We don't guarantee or ensure that this non-fungible symbolic will merit anything later on. You, the proprietor, comprehend that they have no intrinsic financial worth, and they ought to be treated as just a collectible.

By printing a SolPanda on our site; you recognize that you have perused, and do thus acknowledge the agreements recorded previously.