MINT SolPanda
Get algorithmically generated, unique, chubby & collectible pixelated pandas that will live in Solana blockchain after minting. Total of 3,888 SolPanda will exist in the blockchain.
SolPanda is the first inhabitant of what we envision a metaverse called SolKingdom. This is a world where SolPanda NFT holders can live and interact with others as their NFT character.

While others usually would be focusing on a game based NFT, SolKingdom is developed to be more of a social gathering based metaverse where not only people can have fun social gatherings, but they can trade NFTs with one another.

It would be an interactive marketplace where trade can happen between metaverse characters while keeping the transaction more secured than normal P2P NFT trading.

Big names among NFT creators will also be invited to have their ‘Storefront’ being build inside of the world(or metaverse), where their NFT character can be showcased in a full animated character.

SolPanda will be just the first collection that will be living in this SolKingdom metaverse and we plan on supporting other Solana based NFTs to be able to roam this world as their NFT character.

Right now we have the first working prototype for this. Click the link below to test it out.
1. Metaverse Inception
Everybody love pandas. But there are a mere 1864 pandas living in the wild right now. So we want to create a world in blockchain, where they can live forever! Starting with SolPanda, the metaverse SolKingdom will be growing bigger with the community.
2. Minting
This is how you can get yourself a SolPanda. Right now, all 3888 pandas have been SOLD OUT
3. Rarity Tools
Find your SolPanda rarity within its friends. While everyone living in the same metaverse, do not fret because everyone is unique and never the same. The rarity tools will help the community check SolPanda rarity easily.
4. Connecting Marketplace
At the moment, we have been listed on Digital Eyes and Magic Eden. We have connected their marketplace to our site. Solanart listing will coming up soon
5. Expand the world
We imagine a SolKingdom with not only SolPandas. It would be too lonely to only have SolPanda in it. So, we are currently superfocused on expanding this metaverse. Check out SolKigdom roadmap below:
Our team members are deep into their craft with minimum of 5 years experience. But the most important thing is, we love crypto and its community. We are building this for the community.
He studied so many crypto projects and can surely provide the ins and out of the crypto world. We respect those who loves their craft.
Lead Design
SolPanda came from his hand, and we help them to be released in the wild world of blockchain.
Backend / Dev Ops
Code and server are his meals. Throw any server and he will definitely make it rocks!
Fullstack dev
He`s the kung fu panda of solana blockchain. Real deal but super humble.